Truckers Are Taking a Stand Against Traffic

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Truck drivers aren’t exactly fans of traffic. It wastes time and causes way more stress than it should. There’s definitely nothing fun and exciting about sitting in bumper to bumper traffic. But it seems like the trucking industry is beginning to focus on another type of traffic issue: human trafficking. You may now be thinking to yourself ‘What in the world can truckers do about human trafficking?’ It turns out that truckers can play an important role.

First, here’s a little bit about human trafficking. It’s a modern day type of slavery and is actually a big problem in the U.S. It happens in all 50 states and the number of victims is estimated to be in the hundreds of thousands. Most of the victims are women and children. The U.S. Department of Justice estimates that 100,000 to 300,000 kids are actually at risk of entering the sex trade every year. We know this is a heavy topic, but the good news is that truckers can play a role in stopping these horrible things from happening.

Truckers Against Human Trafficking is a nonprofit that is taking a stand against human trafficking. They are trying to get the word out that all truckers have the ability to do something. Truckers are on the go and are the eyes and ears of the road. It doesn’t take that much to get involved. The Truckers Against Human Trafficking has a toll-free number that you can call if you see something suspicious (888-373-7888). They also have helpful wallet cards that truckers can carry with them that contain important information and that can be passed along to other truckers to spread the word. A simple phone call could save a person’s life.

This type of awareness is important for California trucking companies to be aware of, especially for trucking companies in Los Angeles, which has such a large urban population. It’s always for drivers to keep their eyes peeled for things that just don’t seem right. It’s also important for trucking companies in Los Angeles and beyond to spread the word to their drivers about the dangers of this important issue.

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