At Best Yet Express, we have more than 40 years of experience transporting a wide range of goods throughout southern California. More specifically, we pick up and deliver shipments for many different industries in Los Angeles County, the greater Los Angeles area, Orange County, and the Inland Empire.

We have spent decades learning about and addressing the needs of different clients in these industries, and we will work with you to make sure your freight is safely, efficiently, and securely moved from point A to point B.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the industries we serve.

semi truck
Our LTL freight services have been used throughout every part of the cosmetic process, from the manufacturing of products to the shipping of finished goods. We ship everything from raw materials to finished, labeled products.
Bottled waters and vitamin waters are constantly in demand and flying off the shelves. You need to know that your products will be delivered on time to ensure those shelves remain fully stocked.
Food products are highly perishable, so whether you’re moving raw, food-grade materials or food products ready to hit the shelves, we have the trucks and the cross-docking capabilities to get it there on time.
Packaging materials are a critical part of your distribution activities, and whether you’re transporting empty boxes, bubble wrap, packing peanuts, or any other related materials, you can get it done quickly and easily with BYX.
When someone orders an automotive component, it’s usually because they need it right now. Whatever automotive parts and/or accessories you’re transporting, Best Yet Express can provide the reliable and on-time shipping you need.
Our shipping services are capable of transporting all types of homeopathic products and vitamins, whether they’re in liquid or pill form. Our drivers are trained to handle all fright with great care, so your products will arrive safely.
We have the capabilities to ship printed material and paper products throughout southern California. A speedy delivery is often required with these types of shipments, especially since much of it may be time sensitive. We can help with that.
Over the last 40 years, we have gained significant knowledge and experience in transporting chemicals in a safe and effective way. We can pick up, store, and transport both finished chemicals and chemical ingredients that are added to other products.
Much like other chemical products, household cleaners need to be handled carefully and safely. Our professional truck drivers are trained to ship all these products with care and attention to detail so they always arrive ready to hit the shelves.
We can ship a wide range of clothing and apparel-related items. Whether you’re transporting finished goods or the materials that will soon become a range of shirts, jackets, shoes, etc., we can help you get what you need.
We have been shipping plastic products since the very earliest days of the business. We have a detailed understanding of the process and extensive experience transporting and storing all types of plastic products and raw materials.
Glass products, obviously, need to be packed and shipped with extreme care. At BYX, we are dedicated to ensuring your finished glass products or glass materials and parts are handled with the serious care that you expect.
Whether you are shipping large or small amounts, finished products or raw materials, we can transport your metal products throughout LA and the surrounding areas. These heavy materials add up fast, so we’ll ensure you get the value for your investment.
Whether you are shipping smaller items like valves or fittings, or larger/heavier items like pipes and equipment, we’ve got you covered. Generally, if someone needs some plumbing supplies, they need it right now. Don’t make them wait.
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