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At Best Yet Express, we provide trucking and logistics services that
are efficient yet affordable, professional yet personal, driven yet
welcoming. We are deeply invested in your success all the way
from pickup to drop-off (and with any storage in between).
We offer safe, secure and clean warehousing storage services,
flexible docking and fast, reliable, professional and affordable trucking.

BYX Fleet


At Best Yet Express, we have spacious, reliable trucks equipped with
some of the latest tracking and safety technologies. Additionally,
we have the warehouses and staff to exceed moving expectations and
streamline your supply chain, allowing your business to grow.


What separates us from other trucking companies in Southern California is our robust freight services. Our trucks allow us to effectively work with a variety of industries and safely and quickly transport an array of goods. We can transport everything from raw materials to fragile goods, and we ensure the safe travel of your product, whatever it may be.


Our logistic company offers warehousing services in our new centrally-located storage facility in Los Angeles. We utilize a variety of security measures to ensure that your merchandise is safe and protected for however long or short it is in our warehouse. Additionally, we’ll integrate your stored merchandise with the rest of our other shipping services so you can relax knowing when your products will be delivered and where it is in transport.


At Best Yet Express, your deadlines are our deadlines, which is why our logistics company offers cross docking services. On-time delivery is critical to your business’ success. Our cross docking services offers greater flexibility and efficiency your business needs for each delivery.


Newjar Family: Owners and Operators

We are a 2nd generation family owned and operated company and our family values are reflected in our dependable work and the strong, positive relationships we build with our customers. Since 1978, we have been deeply invested in the LTL freight industry and the customers and businesses we serve. We strive to provide a service that is efficient yet affordable, professional yet personal, driven yet welcoming.


Our trucking and logistics company utilize the latest technology to provide fast, efficient, affordable, reliable service to our customers.

Like other trucking companies, we equip each truck with the latest technology to ensure driver, truck and material safety.

Unlike other trucking companies, we have developed our own onboard trucking software that cuts down on paperwork, provides accurate, real-time truck and material tracking and improves safe driving and transportation of goods. Our warehouses utilize state-of-the-art security cameras and other security devices so you can be sure your business’ valuable assets are safe and protected.


Whether you’re a new customer, a longtime partner, or have worked with other logistics companies in the past, you’ll quickly discover why Best Yet Express is a leading Southern California trucking company and one of the top logistics companies.

We provide local freight trucking and related services with consistency, promptness, and professionalism.


Our clientele includes everyone from small family-owned businesses to Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 companies in a variety of industries. Our dedication to each customer and his or her business is of the utmost importance. We do our best to ensure our customers’ goods and materials are safely stored and quickly transported.

With many of our original customers from more than 40 years ago still doing business with us, you can be sure that superior customer care is something we take seriously.

Best Yet Express is the most reliable trucking company since 1978.

Fully Integrated Services

At Best Yet Express, we offer a full and complete logistics service in California. Over the years, our logistics company has worked with small family-owned businesses as well as large Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 companies. In each instance, we developed a tailored solution for their unique, individual needs.

Whatever the size of your shipment or warehousing needs or the distance of your move, our dedicated team will provide an unparalleled level of service.

At Best Yet Express, our goal is to create a seamless transition throughout the supply chain, from your products’ location in storage until the completion of a finalized delivery. This is why we provide a custom, integrated transportation solution with our warehouse services, so you only have to work with a single logistics company throughout your company’s entire moving process.

We are committed to providing the most efficient and effective truckload (TL) and less than truckload (LTL) carrier services in and around Los Angeles. If you’re ready to get started, contact us or get a free quote today and start working with one of the most dedicated and experienced logistics companies around.

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Best Yet Express has been our local trucking company for 5 years due to outstanding customer service and care in transporting our merchandise. As our business has grown considerably we never had to worry that we would outgrow Best Yet Express.Your personal service and great billing methods have put you above all other trucking companies.


In the few years we have been doing business together, you have consistently provided us with great delivery service for reasonable rates


We have been a regular customer of BYX for nearly 10 years and would not even consider another local carrier for our need.


Best Yet is really the “Best” trucking service in Los Angeles. Not only are they on point with their deliveries but their customer service is impeccable! They have made my job with shipments less complicated. Once the freight is gone, I know it is in good hands and will be delivered without any issues! I recommend Best Yet to everyone I come across who ships. Thank you Best Yet for the great service and best prices in town!


I have worked with Best Yet Express for over 20 years. They are extremely professional and very easy to deal with. Pick up and deliveries are made on time. I could not say enough good things about this company and would recommend their services to anyone in Los Angeles.


I found Best Yet Express a few years ago and have been using them for storage and shipping. They are always helpful, professional and very accommodating to your company’s needs. The biggest BYX selling point for me is the personal attention and accessibility. You can call anytime and always talk to a live person. There are no extensions, call pools or automated attendants. I highly recommend them as your primary carrier.


I’ve known Chris Newjahr for a little more than a year, but in that short period of time, I’ve witnessed firsthand how leadership and teamwork build a business brand and truly live up to the name. From the drivers (Who take pride in keeping their trucks standing tall) to the dispatchers, to the office mascots – ( Riley & Kiki are a hoot! ) everyone’s contribution reflects their “we care” attitude. They are concerned with their reputation locally and pride themselves on knowing what each customer’s needs are & reacting differently – depending upon their specific requests. I would definitely recommend Best Yet Express to anyone looking for personalized service.