Cross Docking

At Best Yet Express, we offer cross-docking services to provide the utmost flexibility and reliable delivery of your goods. On-time delivery is critical for your business, which means your deadlines are our deadlines. We are committed to making this process as smooth and effective as possible.

Cross-docking is an integral part of LTL shipping strategy. So you need a company that has the facilities and systems in place to streamline your supply chain and improve profitability.

Best Yet Express has all the right cross-docking facilities and systems in place so that you comfortably meet your deadlines. We have multiple docks and a fleet of company-owned trucks. This allows us to easily schedule your cross-docking needs and arrange a shipment, even if you need it last minute.

If your transportation company cannot handle the first or last mile of a shipment, you can utilize our cross-docking facilities.

Contact us with your specific needs and we’ll arrange a cross-docking solution that helps you promptly meet your deadlines.

How Does Cross Docking Work?

Cross-docking refers to the transfer of items in a shipment between vehicles with little to no time in storage. Many times this is done directly between vehicles, or it may involve brief or short-term storage at a warehouse.

A cross docking service company will unload materials from one incoming truck directly into a truck that is on its way out. This transfer will take place at a distribution docking terminal, where the products are moved from one truck in the inbound dock to the one that is waiting on the outbound side. If any screening or sorting is required, it will happen here. This way products never have to remain in the terminal for an extended period of time.

For example, a California trucking company like BYX could send two trucks to different sides of town. Each truck would pick up several LTL loads from different customers. Upon returning to our facilities, they would exchange the goods through our cross-docking system.

Each truck would then head back to the same neighborhood as before, but with new cargo ready for delivery.

If any goods from either load are destined for a completely different location, a third truck may pick up those goods via cross-docking and deliver them so that there is no lag time in prompt meeting of deadlines for the client.

Cross-docking companies are usually employed to help save time and warehousing costs. However, they are also used when producers need to change the type of truck used to convey the goods or to split or combine separate products that are coming from or going to different locations.

Take Advantage of our Cross Docking Services

The benefits of cross-docking include:

  • Reduction or elimination of inventory storage costs
  • Reduced overall handling and handling costs
  • A central site to sort or combine products
  • Shortened turnover time between shipment and delivery
  • Streamlined supply chain

Choosing the Right Cross Docking Company

Ensuring that your shipment arrives safely and on time through a cross-docking service, your company needs to have an adequate fleet of trucks and a logistics system that is built to handle the complexities of moving and transferring your goods.

Your company needs to have the ability to maintain continuous communication between all the involved parties. They need to be very transparent about their handling methods, how they track their trucks, and what experience they’ve had with these logistics challenges.

The Best Yet Express crew, fleet, and facilities are experienced and well-equipped to do just this kind of work. We have more than 40 years in this business, we own our own fleet, and all of our trucks are equipped with the latest safety and tracking technology.

We can handle the complexity associated with cross-docking, and we are committed to meeting your deadlines and providing the best customer service possible.

Get a free quote today to see what we can do for you. If you have any additional questions about how cross-docking works or the terms of our cross-docking services, contact us at 310-323-1880.