Cross Docking

At Best Yet Express, your deadlines are our deadlines. We know how much on-time delivery means to your business, which is why we offer cross docking services to provide you with the utmost flexibility.

Cross docking is an integral part of LTL shipping strategy, and Best Yet Express has all the right cross docking facilities and systems in place, so that you comfortably meet your deadlines. With 20 docks and a fleet of company-owned trucks, we’re ready to plan ahead for cross-docking when you arrange a shipment, or step in if you need cross-docking in a pinch. Is your truck not available? No problem. We will pick up your freight, move it to our secure facility and load it on your truck when it becomes available. Contact us with your specific needs and we’ll arrange a cross-docking solution that helps you promptly meet your deadlines.

If you are new to LTL shipping and wondering what cross docking is and how it applies to the movement of freight, that’s fine too! Cross docking refers to the transfer of items in a shipment between vehicles with little to no time in storage. Many times this is done directly between vehicles, or it may involve brief or short-term storage at a warehouse. For example, a California trucking company like BYX might send out two trucks to different sides of town. Each truck would pick up several LTL loads from different customers, and upon returning to the BYX facilities, would exchange the goods between the two through cross docking. Each truck would then head back to the same neighborhood as before, but with new cargo ready for delivery. If any goods from either load are destined for a location not visited by either of the first two trucks, a third truck may pick up those goods via cross-docking and deliver them so that there is no lag time in prompt meeting of deadlines for the client. The benefits of cross-docking include reduction or elimination of storage costs, reduced handling (and cost of paying for handling), and shortened turnover time between shipment and delivery of an order to the customer. It may sound logistically challenging, but the BYX crew, fleet and facilities are experienced and well-equipped to do just this kind of work.

If you have any additional questions about how cross docking works or the terms of our cross docking arrangements, just contact our friendly staff at: 310-323-1880.