Best Yet Express Knows “Trucks Bring It”

It would be impossible not only for California trucking companies, but all companies across the country, to be successful without truck drivers. The American Trucking Association (ATA) recognized this fact and celebrated the week of September 16th-22nd as Truck Driving Appreciation Week. It’s the perfect time to pay tribute to the hard work and commitment of over the 3.1 million truckers in this county who keep things goods and products in this county moving.

The theme of this year’s Truck Driving Appreciation Week was “Trucks Bring It.” At Best Yet Express, we couldn’t agree more. Truck drivers are responsible for the moving of all sorts of goods and products. Where would this country be without our truck drivers? Items don’t just find their way into supermarkets, department stores and other places. Truckers spend numerous hours moving goods from place to place. According to the ATA, more than 80% of all communities in this county depend on the trucking industry for the delivering of their goods and commodities. How would we go to the supermarket and pick up fresh fruits and vegetables? How would we go to the pharmacy to grab our prescription medication and vitamins if it weren’t for truck drivers? Trucking companies in California constantly have drivers on-the-go, keeping the good and products flowing. It’s so easy to take these types of things for granted, which is why Truck Driving Appreciation Week is so important.

Trucking not only is completely necessary for our way of life, but it can also be a tough job for truck drivers. Truckers sit on the road all day long and sometimes may even be away from their friends and family for long stretches of time. But they do their jobs well and with great pride. It’s a wonder why these drivers are only celebrated with one week out of the year.

In honor of Truck Driving Appreciation Week, Best Yet Express would like to say thank you to all of the truck drivers in this country. We especially wanted to give a big thanks to all of our drivers. Your hard work and dedication is a large part of the reason why we are able to stand out from other California trucking companies.

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