New Federal Law Helps Military Members Get CDL Licenses

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A new federal law was enacted just in time for Veterans’ Day that will help both veterans and the trucking industry. Earlier in October, President Barack Obama signed the Military Commercial Drivers’ License Act of 2012. This law will make it easier for veterans and service members to obtain Commercial Drivers’ Licenses and will help make them more employable when they return to civilian life. The new law will also assist a Los Angeles trucking company like Best Yet Express, who is looking for able drivers.

Under the current law, a state may only issue CDLs to persons who are legal residents in the state. Also, licenses that are obtained in other states are non-transferable. This law puts veterans at a disadvantage because so many of them receive relevant training on military bases in other states and it’s difficult to receive a CDL license before leaving the military. The new law allows an exception for states to test and issue CDLs to military members who currently live in another state.

The new law has many benefits. Members of the military will no longer be at a disadvantage simply because they are carrying out their duties in another state. They will also have a better shot at finding employment once they return to civilian life. The new law also benefits the trucking industry. As previously mentioned, it will open up the pool of high-quality drivers that are needed in the trucking industry. Some speculate that this shortage of drivers is only going to get worse since the economy is beginning to pick up. This means more goods are going to be moving and the industry needs drivers to make it happen.

Best Yet Express is an TL and LTL trucking company that has weathered the tough economic times. We are also a company that is in need of quality drivers. Even though we are a Los Angeles trucking company, where the job pool is most likely larger than most other places, we welcome any assistance in making that job pool better qualified.

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