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The New Tesla Semi Might Be the Biggest Trucking Development in Decades

Whether the cars of the future will be electric or gas-powered used to be up for debate. Not anymore. California is moving to have all new vehicles sold in California be electric or plug-in hybrids by 2035. Not everyone is happy about it since electric vehicles remain less affordable than gas models, but the perks of driving electric are undeniable. Elon Musk recently announced that a new Tesla Semi is in production, and the good news couldn’t have come sooner. 

A quick look at the Tesla Semi’s specs

Originally intended for release in 2019, the Tesla Semi is finally coming out in December 2022. Pepsi is scheduled to have its first Tesla Semi on the road by December 1, and even with the three-year delay, the development is revolutionary. An electric semi is something no company has ever produced, placing Tesla (unsurprisingly) miles ahead of the competition. 

Interestingly, it’s one of Tesla’s most cost-effective vehicles yet. It’s also powerful enough to have real applications in the trucking industry. Reportedly, the new vehicle has the following features: 

  • The ability to haul the largest possible semi-truck payload of 80,000 lbs
  • Enough juice to accelerate 0-60 mph with a full payload in 20 seconds
  • Full highway speeds up a 5% gradient with a full load
  • A battery 8.5 times larger than that of the Model S
  • A range of 500 miles with a full payload
  • Recharging abilities to 70% in 30 minutes

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Truck Drivers Need Vaccines. Here’s Where They Stand

When Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson rolled out the first COVID-19 vaccines in December, most of us breathed a sigh of relief. We knew that vaccines would be offered in stages, and we expected senior citizens, high-risk individuals, and essential workers to be given first priority. (As they should!) What we didn’t expect was that truck drivers would come almost last. 

The CDC has broken vaccine recommendations into three phases. Phase 1A includes health care workers and residents of long-term care facilities. Phase 1B includes people over 75 and frontline essential workers. The last phase, Phase 1C includes people between 65-75, people under 65 with elevated risk, and other essential workers. For now, truck drivers are considered other essential workers, falling into the last phase of early vaccine rollouts.  Read more

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Ways to Keep the Weight of Your Truck within Limits

An overweighed truck is one of the common issues that plague truckers from time to time. Truck drivers who are caught with overweighed trucks on the highway are subjected to fees, heavy fines, and penalties. As such, it is essential that you always keep the weight of your truck in check to avoid being on the wrong side of the law. Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can prevent your truck from being overweight. Read more

Re-Branding Underway as Best Yet Express Restructures to Better Meet the Ever-Changing Needs of the Freight Industry

Best Yet Express Incorporated, a family-run, California-based leader in the TL and LTL trucking industry, recently announced several changes within the company, including corporate restructuring and the launch of an aggressive new marketing campaign that includes a revamped website and an informative industry blog, appropriately titled “The Fleet.”

“During the company’s 30-plus year history, our customers – who range from small family-owned businesses to Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 companies – have always been our number 1 priority,” said Jay Newjahr, the company’s CEO. “To better serve them, we felt it necessary to restructure internally so that we are more agile, nimble and responsive to their ever-changing needs.” Read the entire press release here.


Best Trucking Express

3 Factors to Consider When Building Your Logistics Company’s Marketing Plan

Logistics companies play a critical role in the global economy, making possible the task of shipping and transporting goods from one point to the other, usually from the manufacturing or delivery site, to the customer or distributor.

While it may seem that this critical function makes logistics companies indispensable, the truth is that the industry is concentrated with several firms, each one competing for a slice of the pie. As such, marketing is still very much a necessity to ensure your survival.
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6 Productivity Tools That Will Supercharge Your Workflow

As a small business owner, it’s easy to get bogged down and disorganized. Keeping up with everything from project deadlines to payday and all those passwords gets to be overwhelming — fast. Here are six tools to enhance your productivity and supercharge your workflow. Read more

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5 Essential Marketing Tips Every Small Business Owner Should Know

Owning a small business can be a daunting task just with the daily to-do lists, checking inventory, making employee schedules, and offering quality customer service. But even after all those things are tended to, there’s the matter of getting your company name out there — after all, without marketing outreach online and off, there won’t be any customers to serve for long. Here are five tips to help get your company recognized online, in your neighborhood, and within your industry. Read more


Trucking and Technology

We love technology! Who doesn’t? It has helped shape the way we live our lives from day-to-day. It has created endless progress and possibilities and is utilized by almost everyone daily. We’re always looking for the newest trucking industry technology and we haven’t been disappointed with what we’ve found. We think our focus on keeping up with the latest advancements is an important part of our success in serving the trucking community and beyond. We have implemented so many advancements in the past several years (both industry specific and more universal) that there are too many to mention. We’ll just touch on a few of our favorites here. Read more


Massive Trucker Shortage

How many of you knew that we were suffering a massive trucker shortage? This little known issue actually effects us all but rarely gains the appropriate level of publicity to promote change. There are several issues contributing to the massive shortage of truck drivers in the United States. We will touch on the major ones, as we see it, here. Read more

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Company Driver vs. Owner Operator

Which would you choose?

The age-old debate between working as an owner-operator and a company employee will never lose its place in the industry. We’ve heard points for both sides argued for years but the truth is we genuinely believe that once you find the right trucking company to work for the advantage of being a company employee becomes obvious. Here’s why… Read more