3 Factors to Consider When Building Your Logistics Company’s Marketing Plan

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Logistics companies play a critical role in the global economy, making possible the task of shipping and transporting goods from one point to the other, usually from the manufacturing or delivery site, to the customer or distributor.

While it may seem that this critical function makes logistics companies indispensable, the truth is that the industry is concentrated with several firms, each one competing for a slice of the pie. As such, marketing is still very much a necessity to ensure your survival.
When developing a marketing strategy for your logistics company, here are a few essential elements to consider.

  1. Identify Your Unique Selling Proposition

Not all logistics companies are the same, so when marketing your firm, be sure to focus on your specific services.

  • Do you cater to a specific industry (e.g. auto, food, healthcare, or industrial materials)?DeathtoStock_Creative Community9
  • Do you transport goods locally or internationally?
  • Do you have an online portal for your customers?

Moreover, why would your customers prefer your services? What is it about your company that makes it worth choosing over other logistics firms? Is it because you offer lower shipping rates? Do you have newer trucks and equipment? Are you proud to be a small family-owned enterprise with great customer service?

The answers to these questions will help you determine your unique selling point (USP), which basically refers to the one thing that makes your company stand out from the competition. This brings us to our next point.

  1. Touch Base with Your Target Audience

Do you know just who your target market is? How do your target customers relate to your services?

For example, your logistics company may be geared towards shipping frozen goods for supermarkets, delivering orders for online retailers, or delivering components for automotive companies.
Defining your primary market will make tailoring your marketing messages much easier, giving them a clear focus and intent.

  1. Figure Out Who Your Competition Is

DeathtoStock_Creative Community7What other companies offer services similar to yours and/or cater to the same clientele? Keeping tabs on your competitors gives you an idea on what strategies are working for them, and what gaps in their marketing offer opportunities for you to fill in.

While it’s important to focus on competitors in your niche, you also want to broaden your criteria and include as wide a variety of logistics companies as possible. For example, the postal service may turn out to be a competitor for online retailers.

Of course, these 3 elements are but the tip of the iceberg when creating a marketing strategy for a logistics company. Just remember to take your time, understand your company, and above all, focus on what your customers want.

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