New Smart-Phone App Helps Assess Driver Performance


The use of smart-phone apps is on the rise in the trucking industry. More and more apps are even being created specifically for the industry itself. GreenRoad has recently introduced another app that could prove beneficial to the industry. The company recently introduced a smart-phone-based app for Android devices called “Asimov.” GreenRoad claims that the app will efficiently assess driver performance for trucking fleets. The app measures risky or inefficient driving by looking at 5 things: acceleration, braking, cornering, speeding and lane handling. This could be beneficial to companies involved in freight shipping in Los Angeles. TL and LTL shipping practices may be conducted safer and more efficiently.

Drivers will just need to download the Asimov app, put their smart-phone into the vehicle mount, and then start their trip. As the driver is rolling along, the app assesses how well the driver is driving. If a risky or fuel-inefficient maneuver occurs, the driver will immediately receive audio and visual feedback directly from their smart-phone. GreenRoad Smartphone Edition also includes a distracted driving prevention feature that can be configured to automatically disable physical use of the smart-phone while the vehicle is moving.

GreenRoad claims that use of the app can help cut fleet fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by up to 10%. Another benefit claimed by the company is that the app works via GPS and built-in accelerometers, thus eliminating the need for a professionally-installed telematics device in the truck.

Trucking companies are always looking for ways to increase speed, safety and efficiency in their operations. It’s important for companies to take notice of new technologies to help with TL and LTL shipping practices. New technologies should always be encouraged, even if it’s as simple as downloading a smart-phone app.

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