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Welcome aboard our freight express, where the sun shines bright and the logistics game is stronger than ever! Today, we’re diving into the California dream, where trucking accessorials add an extra sprinkle of magic to the mix. From Collect on Delivery (COD) fun to oversized pallet adventures and even California Surcharge (CARB) twists, let’s explore how logistics gets a golden touch in the Golden State (and beyond)! Before you dive in, check out part 1 to this exciting topic here!

California Surcharge (CARB): Green Logistics, Golden Style!

In the land of California dreams, sustainability reigns supreme! That’s where the California Surcharge (CARB) comes into play, ensuring our logistics game is as green as the palm trees swaying in the breeze. With a commitment to eco-friendly transportation, we’re turning logistics into a golden opportunity to protect our planet. It’s like adding a dash of environmental magic to every shipment! With all the extra requirements for California transportation compliance comes an additional accessorial fee.

Blind Shipment: Unveiling Surprises, Hollywood Style!

Lights, camera, logistics! With blind shipment services, every delivery feels like a Hollywood mystery waiting to be unraveled. It’s like starring in your very own blockbuster movie, complete with suspense and surprises around every corner. From secret packages to hidden treasures, logistics in California is a star-studded affair, where every shipment is a shining moment on the silver screen! When a 3rd party paying for the freight requests the carrier to ship the freight to a different consignee than the consignee indicated on the Bill of Lading and/or requests that the carrier change the shippers name on the Bill of Lading, at the time of pick up, there may be an associated fee.

Collect on Delivery (COD): Paying in sunshine Surprises!

Picture this: you’re soaking up the California sun, eagerly awaiting a package, but instead of paying upfront, you get to do it upon delivery! That’s right, with COD services, every delivery feels like a surprise package waiting to be unwrapped. It’s like a mini shopping spree right at your doorstep, adding a sprinkle of excitement to the logistics game. This is an accessorial fee for paying an invoice at the time of delivery.

Oversized Pallet: Big Dreams, Bigger Adventures!

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Ever wondered what it’s like to handle oversized (OS) pallets? It’s like playing a real-life game of Tetris, but on a grand scale! Maneuvering those colossal crates requires skill, precision, and maybe a touch of magic. But fear not, our trucking wizards are here to ensure those big dreams reach their destination safely, one oversized pallet at a time. If your shipment extends past the standard size of 40×48 or 48×40, don’t be surprised to see an oversized pallet fee on you invoice.

Extra Labor: Teamwork Makes the Dream Work!

Sometimes, moving freight requires a little extra muscle. Enter the heroes of the hour: the extra labor squad! Whether it’s lifting, loading, or assembling, these folks are the unsung champions of the logistics realm. With their superhuman strength and can-do attitude, they turn logistical challenges into triumphs, all while keeping the fun alive! Specifically, when a consignor/consignee requires extra labor be furnished for loading, unloading, blocking, or bracing, billed for each hour or fraction thereof.

Notify Before Delivery (NBD): Party Planning, Logistics Style!

Who doesn’t love a good heads-up before the party starts? With Notify Before Delivery (NBD) services, you’ll never miss a shipment bash again! It’s like receiving an exclusive invite to the hottest event in town, except this time, it’s your package stealing the spotlight. Get ready to RSVP to the logistics extravaganza of the year!

Marking or Tagging: Shipping, the Artsy Way!

Forget boring labels and tags—shipping just got a creative makeover! When a consignor/consignee requests or when the contractor deems it necessary to change, alter, label, add marks, tags or stencils (MRK) on any package or piece of freight, there may be an associated fee for this service. With marking and tagging services, each package becomes a canvas waiting to be adorned with colorful instructions and quirky doodles. It’s like sending your very own masterpiece on a cross-country journey, spreading joy and creativity with every mile.

Residential Delivery: Logistics with a Personal Touch!

Say goodbye to mundane deliveries and hello to doorstep delights! This fee is incurred when a shipment is picked up or delivered to a private residence (RES). Residential delivery services bring a touch of warmth and personalization to the logistics experience. From friendly greetings to doorstep smiles, our delivery wizards are here to brighten your day, one package at a time. Who knew logistics could be this heartwarming?

Reweigh: The Great Weight Mystery Unveiled!

Ever wondered if your package is secretly packing more than meets the eye? Enter the reweigh wizards, here to solve the great weight mystery! With their magical scales and keen eyes, they ensure every package is just the right weight, no surprises included. It’s like cracking a case straight out of a detective novel, only this time, the culprit is excess baggage! The best practice is to indicate the correct weight of the freight when booked to ensure the pick up can be accomplished with the equipment ordered and avoid this accessorial fee or others associated with an unsuccessful pick up.

Sort and Segregate: Logistics Tetris, Advanced Level!

Get ready to level up your logistics game with sorting and segregating services! It’s like playing Tetris, but with packages instead of blocks. Our logistics masters meticulously organize shipments, ensuring smooth sailing from pick-up to delivery. With their strategic stacking skills, they turn chaos into order, one perfectly packed pallet at a time. This fee occurs when a shipper requires that freight be sorted or segregated according to characteristics. No surprises here!

Pick Up or Delivery at Convention Center: Where Logistics Meets Showtime!

Lights, camera, logistics! Imagine the hustle and bustle of a bustling convention center, where every delivery is a star-studded affair. From stage props to exhibitor goodies, our logistics maestros ensure a seamless showtime experience. It’s like orchestrating a blockbuster event, with logistics as the star of the show!More space, more warehousing options

Storage: Where Packages Take a Timeout!

Sometimes, packages need a little timeout before hitting the road again. Enter the storage sanctuary, where goods can rest and recharge before embarking on their next adventure. It’s like a mini-vacation for packages, complete with comfy shelves and 24/7 security. Who knew logistics could be this relaxing? Freight sitting on a dock for more than 48 hours incur storage charges.

In conclusion, trucking accessorials in aren’t just about moving freight—they’re about injecting a dose of sunshine and magic into the logistics journey. From beachside surprises to star-studded deliveries, each accessorial adds its own flair to the logistics experience. So, the next time you’re shipping a package, remember: with trucking accessorials, every delivery is a golden opportunity to embrace the California dream and make the journey is just as fun as the destination!

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