Demystifying Trucking Accessorial Fees: A Guide to Shipping Surprises!

🚛 Ever find yourself scratching your head over those mysterious charges that seem to magically appear on your shipping invoices? Fear not, because we’re here to shed light on the perplexing world of trucking accessorial fees in the most entertaining and informative way possible. Buckle up and join us as we navigate through the twists and turns of the shipping industry.

Appointment Fee

For better or worse, these fees are now an industry-wide customer service standard. The phrase “time is money” applies here perfectly.  📞 Appointment clerks juggle phone calls around the clock. Expectations for appointments are so much higher than they once were, and it takes more labor to meet those expectations. We’ve put together an entire blog on this accessorial alone here. It’s a lot of work, we promise!

Attempt/Truck Order Not Used (TONU) Fee

It’s exactly as it sounds. If a driver swings by for a scheduled pick up or delivery and you’re not there to catch ’em, you’re likely to find this fee on your invoice. This fee is also sometimes referred to as a “redelivery fee.” Pro tip: make sure someone’s ready to give ’em a high-five when they arrive and hand off or accept that shipment!

waiting glass over turnedDetention fee

Ever been stuck waiting for a load to be unloaded? ⏳ Well, buckle up, because those precious minutes can cost you. Driver delays or detainment past agreed upon “free time” incur a detention fee billed every quarter hour or fraction thereof. Avoid this fee by keeping things moving and grooving! Again, “time is money,” especially for last mile deliveries.

Fuel Surcharge

The thorn in every shipper’s side! ⛽️ With fluctuating fuel prices, this fee can sneak up on you. Keep an eye out for those spikes and plan your routes wisely to minimize the hit to your wallet.

Corrected Bill of Lading (BOL) fee

Ah, the Bill of Lading – the paperwork hero of the shipping world! 📝 Don’t underestimate its power – it’s like your shipping passport, ensuring your cargo gets from A to B without a hitch. Annnd any changes to shipment terms, consignor, consignee, description or pieces made to the original bill of lading comes with a small fee per document.

Guaranteed Delivery

When you absolutely, positively need that package there on time! 🕒 But remember, this premium service comes with a price tag, so use it wisely.

Inside Delivery. Ever wished your driver could lend a hand with that heavy box? 💪 Well, wish no more – for a fee, they’ll do just that! When a driver is requested to move a shipment past the area immediately adjacent to the trailer a fee may apply.

Lift Gate Fee

And let’s not forget the infamous Lift Gate fee. Need help getting your cargo off the truck? 🚚 Say no more – just be prepared to pay a little extra for that extra muscle!

Same Day Delivery (SDD)

Don’t forget the Same Day Delivery fee (SDD). A same day delivery fee is a charge incurred for the expedited transportation of goods, ensuring that items are delivered to their destination on the same day they are shipped. These rush orders are sometimes necessary but come with some additional coin. 

Of course, these all vary slightly depending on contract agreements and other specifics but it’s important to understand what may appear on your invoice.

How can I avoid surprise charges? Here are some tips:

  • Before your shipment faces unexpected charges, double-check all details like weight, size, delivery requirements, timing and other important information for accuracy. Small mistakes can lead to big fees later on!

  • Choosing proper packaging can prevent damage during transit and avoid extra fees.

  • Understand the details of your shipping agreement to avoid any surprise additional charges.

  • Maintain open communication with your carrier.

Feeling overwhelmed? Take a breather – we’re just getting started! Stay tuned for Part 2 of our trucking accessorial fee extravaganza, where we’ll tackle the rest of these shipping surprises.

Until then, happy shipping, and may the road ahead be smooth and fee-free! 🌟


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