What You REALLY Need to Know about Long Haul vs Short Haul Trucking

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The freight transportation industry plays an important role in the supply chain of a business. If you need merchandise or materials delivered, a reliable trucking service is essential. Whether it is short or long haul freight transportation, a good trucking service will transport your goods in a safe & timely manner, without compromising the integrity of your cargo.

trucks05However, there are some differences between short and long haul trucking. The main differences are:

Distance Covered

The first and most obvious difference is the distance covered. While there is no definitive amount, short haul trucking distances typically cover a 150-mile radius. Long haul trucking services typically start at 250 miles and above.

Operating & Equipment Costs

The operating & equipment costs of a long haul trucking provider are generally higher when compared to short haul services. The distance traveled by long haul trucks means that the following expenses are higher:

  • fuel expenses
  • insurance costs for the cargo and truck
  • repair and maintenance
  • the cost of a long haul truck vs short haul truck.
  • Compliance costs of meeting interstate regulations

Driving Expertise

There is also a difference with the driving expertise of short haul and long haul services.

Short haul drivers require driving experience with maneuvering city roads, with sharp turns and narrow laneways. Long haul cargodrivers generally move in a forward or reverse direction.

Long haul drivers do need to be aware of interstate regulations and laws if they cross state lines. For example, they need to be wary of height clearance for bridges, since there is no national standard.

Outsourcing Freight Services

The high costs, compliance, and liabilities associated with running a long haul trucking service means that most businesses outsource this function to third-party logistics (3PL).

As for short haul services, some companies believe they can lower their costs by running their own trucking fleet. However, since freight transportation is not their core competency, this often ends up becoming costly. A specialized short-haul service can manage your deliveries in an efficient manner, letting you get back to running your business

Best Yet Express operates short-haul services in Los Angeles County, the greater Los Angeles area, Orange County and Inland Empire.

For a full list of our service areas click here, or view a map of our service areas. If you need local freight transportation services in these areas, contact us today!


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