Local Trucking for Cosmetics/Packaging and Raw Materials

Through our 32 years of experience, Best Yet Express has gained a strong presence in the cosmetic industry. Our LTL freight services have been used in every part of the cosmetic process: from the manufacturing of products to the shipping of finished goods. We know that the production of these products involves multiple steps and the maneuvering of raw and finished goods from one place to another. We also understand that very few cosmetic companies produce their product in one place. Since we are already picking up the materials for your competitor’s products, why not have us pick up the materials for yours as well?

Our LTL shipping services have been used in every aspect of the cosmetic process. For example, Best Yet Express runs the chemicals that make shampoo, which come in drums, bags or boxes of chemicals. Additionally, we have experience in the shipping of plastic cosmetic bottles. We ship the plastic that is melted down into cosmetic bottles, we pick up the shipments of empty plastic bottles, and take them to manufactures that mix the products and put them into bottles. On top of that, we also run the bottles to the labeler. Finally, we deliver them to the manufacturer for distribution.

Unlike most other LTL freight companies, Best Yet Express is local and always has a truck in the area. Through our knowledge and experience with the cosmetics products industry, we know that those working in the cosmetic industry frequently need one chemical or ingredient shipped ASAP in order to produce their product. At Best Yet Express, we like to say that we can “pull off the impossible.”

Choose Best Yet Express – a local and experienced company – for all your LTL trucking needs. Contact Us to get started.

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