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Vendors Turning to 3PLs to Help Satisfy Customer Expectations

It’s common for manufactures, retailers and distributors to have specific shipping and delivery requirements for their vendors. These companies want their goods to arrive when, where and how they are expected. Requirements vary but may include requirements on packing shipping cartons, appearance and placement of shipping labels, information contained in packing slips, acceptable pallet dimensions, delivery date(s), and communication status updates. Read more

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Sustainability is Finding Its Roots in the Shipping Industry

Many shippers these days are looking to use sustainable packing instead of the more commonly used fossil-fuel based materials. But there is no such thing as one universal material that will meet all sustainable requirements and the expectations of every shipper. Each material has its own properties and applications. Selecting from the wide-variety of sustainable materials requires the shipper to assess his needs and choose the sustainable material that will meet those needs. It’s all about trade-offs and determining what’s most important to the individual shipper. Read more


Volatile Fuel Prices Remain a Concern in Trucking Industry

Fuel prices always seem to be a concern, especially if you’re running a freight company in Los Angeles or California where fuel prices tend to be high on average compared to most other areas. The fuel market can be fairly unpredictable and can change significantly in only a short period of time. The price of gasoline compared to diesel can also swing one way or another. One day gasoline will be more expensive than diesel, and the next day they flip flop. Fuel prices are also currently experiencing significantly high prices. Right now, the national average of gasoline is $3.74, with the average price of diesel at $4.03. Read more


Don’t Believe the Truck Driver Stereotypes: Common Myths Debunked

Trucking companies in California would not be successful if it weren’t for their drivers. Commercial trucks travel along all major freeways, highways and roads in this country. The following are common myths that people hold about truck drivers and why such myths are just that – myths. Read more

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New Highway Bill Creates New Requirements for Trucking Industry

If you’re looking for some clear insight into the new Highway Bill that was signed into law this July, you’ve come to the right place. Since the law brings with it some important new changes that will affect freight shipping in Los Angeles and beyond, we knew we would have to get down to the facts. Read more


Keep Loading Dock Workers Safe With These Tips from Best Yet Express

Trucking companies in California like Best Yet Express provide a wide-range of services; we provide customers with services ranging from LTL trucking, cross docking, and warehousing. These operations involve a lot of equipment and a lot of movement. Warehouses are bustling places and with all this activity comes the risk of injuries. The loading docks tend to be the most dangerous places due to the high volume and hazardous quality of work being performed in those areas. Read more

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The Trucking Industry Is Booming & In Need of Quality Drivers

With the U.S. economy continuing to pick up, unemployment remains relatively high here in Southern California. However, the freight industry is one sector of the economy that has remained relatively healthy. We can attest here at Best Yet Express that freight shipping in Los Angeles is still plugging along. However, while the trucking industry is stronger than other sectors of the economy, there is still a need for quality drivers and numerous truck driver jobs are waiting to be filled, including opportunities here at Best Yet Express! Read more

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Best Yet Express Continues to Experience Success

Los Angeles, CA (read the original story here) June 08, 2012

As the economy continues to sputter along, many businesses are finding it difficult to stay afloat and survive. Fortunately, there are other businesses that are actually finding success and managing to grow. One such business is Best Yet Express, a local, Los Angeles-based Trailer load (TL) and Less than Trailer Load (LTL) freight company. Best Yet Express recently celebrated the one year anniversary of its upgrade to a new, larger operational facility. Read more