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Goodyear Tires Unveils New Tire Technology

Goodyear Tire recently unveiled their new Air Maintenance Technology (AMT). This technology allows tires to maintain a constant pressure without the use an external pump, electronics or driver intervention. In other words, these tires actually inflate themselves. Read more


New California Law Will Help Veterans With Commercial Driving Experience

The trucking industry is facing a driver shortage on a national scale, but there is a little bit of good news if you’re a California trucking company. The state enacted a new law that will make it easier for highly qualified military veterans with commercial driving experience to get to work almost immediately as professional truck drivers. Read more

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Health Tips for Truckers

Best Yet Express cares deeply about the health and safety of our truck drivers and other workers. This blog post will address some of the common health issues faced by truckers and some helpful tips that may help address these problems. Read more

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New California Law: CDL Holders Can Attend Traffic School

We’d like to take a second to talk about a recently enacted California law that’s sure to have an effect on trucking companies in Los Angeles and beyond. On September 13, 2012, California Governor Jerry Brown signed into law AB 1888, which allows drivers with a commercial drivers license (CDL) to attend traffic school for minor violations that occurred in their personal vehicles. The new law gives CDL holders the ability to go to traffic school to keep points off their license just like every other driver. It will also avoid the accumulating points against their driving privileges for suspension purposes. Read more

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Women Truck Drivers Increasing In Trucking Industry

When most people hear the term “truck driver,” they probably immediately think of a male truck driver. It’s true that the majority of truck drivers in this country are men, but women are making their way into the industry in large numbers. There are over 3 million truck drivers in this country and over 200,000 are female. This is significant when you consider the fact that there were only 133,000 female drivers in 2005. Read more

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Differences Between Long Haul and Short Haul Truck Drivers

Best Yet Express is currently hiring truck drivers and we thought we would share a little bit about the difference between over the road drivers/long haul drivers and city drivers/short haul drivers. Read more


Mobile Apps Proving Useful in Trucking Industry

There is no denying that technology is becoming a big part of the trucking industry. More and more trucking companies in California are finding it beneficial to integrate new technology into their business practices, including hand-held devices. But the technology doesn’t stop there. Truck drivers are also finding that mobile devices can be a useful tool while they’re out on the road. Read more

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Forecast Projects Strong Growth for Freight Industry through 2023

There is great news for you if you’re a freight company in Los Angeles like us (or anywhere else in the nation for that matter). According to a projection by the largest trade association in the trucking industry – American Transportation Associations- a significant level of growth in the freight industry, particularly for trucking, is anticipated in the years ahead. This is especially encouraging given the fact that the freight industry took a hit during the Great Recession and the slow economic recovery that has followed. Read more

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Forklifts are a Major Key to Warehouse Efficiency

The real key to being a successful California trucking company is to move goods with speed and efficiency. Warehouses have the potential to be major sources of slowdown and backlog, so it’s important for companies to assess their warehousing practices. The elimination of common issues like wasted time and warehouse space lead to better warehousing and cross docking operations. Read more

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Vendors Turning to 3PLs to Help Satisfy Customer Expectations

It’s common for manufactures, retailers and distributors to have specific shipping and delivery requirements for their vendors. These companies want their goods to arrive when, where and how they are expected. Requirements vary but may include requirements on packing shipping cartons, appearance and placement of shipping labels, information contained in packing slips, acceptable pallet dimensions, delivery date(s), and communication status updates. Read more