Why Developing a Relationship with Your Logistics Company is Essential

There are some areas of life where transactional relationships work out just fine—and might even be preferable. There’s no need to develop a deep and lasting relationship with the guy who serves you lunch at the drive-through window, for example, nor is there any need to take the time to get to know the Amazon service rep you call to ask where the books are that you ordered last week. However, transactional relationships in some areas of business lead to poor customer service, cut corners, and an overall unsatisfying experience.

This is true in the trucking transport industry. Many companies mistakenly think that choosing the right transport company means opting for the lowest price or the quickest transport times, then pay the price down the line when their freight is lost or damaged or the company ratchets up the rates with no warning.

If you own a business that consistently needs a freight company to transport freight from one place to another, you need to develop a relationship with a reputable company that will treat you right. Here are some reasons why.

You Learn More About Them

It’s difficult to see what goes on behind the scenes when you have nothing but a transactional relationship with your freight trucking company. However, getting to know the people behind the business is at the heart of a strong relationship. Do the owners of the company have strong family values? This means they’ll treat you right and make good on promises. Do they own their own fleet? If so, they will be more likely to offer you flexible options and won’t be subject to fluctuating rates. Are they a locally owned company with a strong reputation? Local freight companies tend to be more committed to the community and have their customers’ best interests at heart.

They Learn More About You

When you develop a relationship with your freight carrier, they have the opportunity to get to know you and your business better as well. They can learn whether you usually need TL (truck load) or LTL (less than truckload) shipping, if you prefer not having your freight mixed with that of other companies, and your general workflow. This helps them better anticipate your needs and put in extra effort to make sure those needs are fulfilled.

You Build Mutual Trust and Respect

The more you get to know your freight carrier and both sides prove reliable and consistent business, the more trust and respect is built between both parties. This gives you peace of mind that your carrier is just as invested in your business as you are, and allows the freight company to make decisions in your best interest without worrying that you will second guess their choices. This turns the business relationship into something much more than a transactional one. It instead grows into a deeply satisfying, mutually beneficial partnership where both parties win.

When choosing from the list of California trucking companies for your freight needs, it’s vital to opt for one that can become a partner for life. Best Yet Express is a family-owned and operated company that has been in the freight business in Los Angeles for over 40 years. We care about our customers like family, and it shows in the relationships we have built over the years. We offer all of this along with competitive pricing and same day or next day deliveries. If you are looking for the absolute best transportation for your TL or LTL shipping needs, please consider Best Yet Express.

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