Seven Surprising Truck Driver Rules Truckers Live By

driver talking on 2 way radio

Life on the road for truck drivers is far from ordinary. Beyond the long hours and the seemingly endless stretches of highway, truckers follow a unique set of rules that keep them safe, efficient, and on schedule. Some of these rules might surprise you, offering a glimpse into the fascinating world of trucking. In this blog, we’ll uncover seven surprising truck driver rules that truckers live by.

1. Respect the ‘Trucker Wave’

Every industry has its unwritten code of conduct, and trucking is no exception. Truckers have a tradition known as the “trucker wave.” When two truckers pass each other on the road, they acknowledge one another with a friendly wave. It’s a sign of camaraderie and mutual respect among professionals who understand the challenges of life on the road.

2. Truck Stop Etiquette Matters

Truck stops are essential waypoints for drivers, offering a place to rest, refuel, and refuel their rigs. Truckers live by an unwritten code of etiquette at these stops. They take care not to take up more space than necessary, maintain clean restrooms, and leave their fellow truckers in peace to rest.

chicken lights on big rig

3. The ‘Chicken Lights’ Tradition

Many trucks are adorned with an array of colorful lights, sometimes referred to as “chicken lights.” This tradition harks back to the days when truckers would customize their rigs, often to resemble a Christmas tree on wheels. While these lights are primarily for personal flair, they are also a nod to the trucker’s individuality and pride in their craft.

4. ‘CB Lingo’ for Communication

Truckers use CB radios for communication on the road. They often speak in CB lingo, using unique codes and slang. For example, “10-4” means “affirmative” or “OK,” while “bear in the air” refers to a police helicopter. Learning this lingo is a rite of passage for many truckers and helps them communicate effectively with their peers.

5. ‘Trucker Buddy’ Program

Truckers often participate in the “Trucker Buddy” program, where they partner with schools to provide a glimpse into their life on the road. They exchange letters and photos with students, educating them about the trucking industry, geography, and more. It’s a heartwarming tradition that fosters a sense of community and mentorship.

2 truck drivers shaking hands

6. The Sacred ‘Parking Spot’ Search

Finding a suitable parking spot is a daily challenge for truckers. They often face the dilemma of whether to rest at a crowded truck stop or continue driving in search of an elusive open spot. Truckers live by the rule of “early to park, early to rise” to secure a convenient spot for the night.

 Experienced truck drivers develop a keen sense of spatial awareness and strategic planning to find suitable parking spots along their route. They often rely on rest areas, truck stops, and parking apps to locate available spaces while adhering to strict regulations governing rest breaks and overnight stays.

7. The ‘Trucker Code’ of Helping Hand

Truckers are known for their willingness to help fellow drivers in need. Whether it’s lending a hand with a mechanical issue, sharing road advice, or offering support in times of emergency, the trucker code of helping one another is a deeply ingrained rule of the road.

Truck drivers follow an unwritten code of conduct on the road, respecting fellow drivers, and extending courtesy to others. Whether it’s giving a friendly wave to a passing trucker or offering assistance to a stranded motorist, truckers embody a sense of community and solidarity on the highways and byways.

These seven surprising truck driver rules offer a glimpse into the unique world of trucking. Behind the wheel, truckers live by a code of conduct that emphasizes camaraderie, respect, and a commitment to their craft. It’s a lifestyle that’s as challenging as it is rewarding, and it’s one that keeps goods moving across the country day and night. We love our truck drivers!

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