7 Things to Be Grateful for This Holiday Season

Things to be grateful for

The holidays are one of the busiest seasons for business owners and logistics professionals alike. It can be stressful, but there’s also a lot to celebrate. If this year’s holiday rush is stressing you out, take a breather and think about these seven amazing reasons to be grateful this year. 

1. Christmas shopping can be done from your couch. Who wouldn’t be grateful about that?

We’ve gotten so used to this one that we almost forgot how holiday shopping used to work. Black Friday was exclusively an in-person ordeal. Shoppers had to get up at the crack of dawn to camp out in front of Best Buy. There was a literal stampede at Walmart. If you wanted to get the best deals, you had to power through a day standing in line at the mall. Now, you can get the same deals while catching up on Netflix’s latest Christmas specials and snacking on leftover pie.

2. If you forgot a white elephant gift, it’s no big deal

Why? Blanking about the company gift exchange used to mean bundling up and rushing to the store. Now, two-day shipping is practically standard. If you really dropped the ball, the odds are good that you can find a gift eligible for same-day shipping, and no one will be the wiser. 

3. We’re so grateful that regifting is basically a thing of the past

Most places allow returns, and an increasing number of companies offer prepaid shipping labels that you can print at home. Amazon doesn’t even make you pack the returned merchandise yourself. Just drop it off at a local hub, UPS store, or Whole Foods, and it’s like you never bought a surprisingly ugly sweater in the first place.

4. Tracking shipments doesn’t even require a phone call

Every online retailer offers online tracking, so you can tell exactly when your holiday haul will be on your doorstep. Different carriers have different policies. USPS will give you a ballpark idea, but Amazon? They might break into your house, raid your garage for ribbon, and wrap the gifts themselves. 15 years ago, you’d order something from a catalog and just have to hope that it would show up a couple of weeks later. BYX’s tracking options aren’t quite as invasive as Amazon’s, but we still make it a breeze to keep track of your latest shipments right from your phone.

5. Shipping is becoming more environmentally friendly

The more we rely on online shipping, the more important it is to strive for sustainable shipping practices. Hybrid and electric vehicles have historically been too costly and inefficient to make sense in logistics applications, but Tesla is changing that. The new Tesla Semi is finally here and judging by its specs, it’s every bit as fast, powerful, and affordable as a traditional semi. It can recharge to 70% in just 30 minutes, providing the first viable electric option for trucking companies.

6. People are working around the clock to resolve supply chain issues

The bad news is that the global supply chain problems that arose during the pandemic are still stubbornly sticking around. The good news is that we’re making progress toward lasting solutions. Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS) is the cloud computing arm of Amazon.com. They’re working on an application that will erase the problem of businesses having to navigate multiple supply chain systems to access data.

Right now, that’s slowing every task down, and businesses that want better visibility have to invest in custom third-party integrations. These integrations are costly, so most companies opt to go without, relying on guesses or outdated information instead of real-time data. AWS plans to launch an AI-powered app that analyzes data across all supply chain systems, unifying the data into a much more accessible pool. In effect, this will empower us to spot supply chain disruptions early to resolve them before they cause more serious slowdowns. Amazing. 

Easy deliveries are a reason to be grateful
We can’t promise we’ll show up in costume, but we can promise prompt, efficient service.

7. BYX always has your back

Really, we do. Over 40 years of dedicated service to the Los Angeles area, and we’re not stopping anytime soon. Need something? Real people with real answers are just a phone call or email away.

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