freight fraud

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Safeguarding Your Freight: Essential Tips to Avoid Freight Fraud

Freight fraud is a serious issue in the logistics industry. This blog post advises companies on how to avoid it by employing various strategies such as conducting thorough background checks, using secure communication platforms, implementing physical security measures, educating employees about freight fraud, establishing clear reporting protocols, and maintaining partnerships with trusted industry entities. By adopting these measures, businesses can protect their reputation, ensure safe delivery of goods, and prevent financial loss.

Freight fraud

Freight Fraud Is a Real Problem. Here’s How to Avoid Scams

Scams are rampant across all industries, and the logistics industry is no exception. BYX has dealt with fraud more than once, and freight fraud can be devastating for smaller organizations. Fraud is so common today that many corporations have entire departments dedicated to fraud detection. For those who lack the resources to follow suit, there …

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