As one of the top LTL freight, shipping, and trucking companies in Pomona, we have had the pleasure of working with hundreds of companies in and around the area over the past 30 years.

Despite the fact that we have been serving local clients since the 1970’s, we strive to change with the times to ensure a high level of service. For example, we recently moved into a new warehouse while also updating our technology across the board.

Here are three reasons why we have been known as one of the top providers of LTL freight, shipping, and trucking in Pomona for such a long time:

  • Dedication to customer service. We do whatever it takes to make the customer happy.
  • Affordability. While some companies continually raise their rates on clients, we do our best to keep every service as cost effective as possible.
  • Reputation for reliability. While some companies say they provide reliable services, we have proven this to be the case for more than 30 years and counting.

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