Do you own a business in Long Beach, California? Are you responsible for shipping and delivery related tasks? If so, you don’t want to put any unnecessary stress on yourself. Instead, you should consider the benefits of working with us.

When it comes to LTL freight, shipping, and trucking in Long Beach, we are second to none. Since 1978, we have been providing a high level of service to companies in a variety of industries throughout the greater Los Angeles area.

As a for-hire LTL shipping company, we take great pride in providing customers with fast and efficient shipment services. Along with this, we have a 53,000 square foot warehouse for clients that require short and long term storage.

Why Us?

Although there are similar companies that serve the Long Beach area, here are three reasons why we have been known as one of the best for more than 30 years:

  • Dedication to customer service
  • Affordable pricing
  • Fast and efficient service combined with a professional staff

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