Food Products and Food Grade Raw Materials

Best Yet Express has more experience in handling food products and food grade raw materials than other Los Angeles trucking companies. Our warehousing services are no exception. When using our warehousing services, you can be assured that you are keeping your food products and raw materials in a safe and clean environment.

What sets our warehousing services apart from other companies is our commitment to quality control. In using our warehouse, your food products and raw materials will be kept in an environment that is free from rodents and that has effective security measures in place. We are dedicated to keeping our customers’ products safe and sound. We have worked hard to cover all the bases. You can rest easy knowing that your inventory is sitting safely and securely in our warehouse.

Best Yet Express also understands that it’s cheaper for many of our customers to buy items in bulk and then use them as the need arises. Because of our years’ of experience, we know that with the food industry, our customers may need to raw materials or ingredients pulled from our warehouse and shipped ASAP. We have the ability to pull orders/pallets as soon as our customer needs them. So, feel free to store all of your bulk food products and raw materials in our warehouse and know that when you say the word, we’ll grab your product and have it ready to be sent out ASAP.

When exploring Los Angeles trucking companies, you won’t find any company better than Best Yet Express. As a company with decades’ worth of experience, we are ready to provide you with exceptional service to meet your LT, LTL, cross docking and warehousing needs. Please contact us for more information about how we can help you. We look forward to speaking with you.

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