Meet Our Latest Hire: A New Dispatch Manager! 

Busy dispatch manager planning shipments

Best Yet Express is always growing. The more customers we serve, the more efficiency becomes a priority. In a busy warehouse and shipping yard, there are so many moving parts to keep track of. To help us continue fulfilling our pledge to provide the best service around, we’ve brought on a new dispatch manager, Keith Oliver.

He’s been in the business for decades, but that’s not the only reason we hired him. Here are a few fun facts about one of the most important behind-the-scenes players on BYX’s team. 

Our new dispatch manager started out as a mail carrier

As a family-owned company with humble beginnings out of the back of a single pickup truck, we admire anyone who works their way up. Keith did just that, starting out as a courier for FedEx Express in Quincy, Illinois back in 1992. Knowing firsthand what it’s like to be behind the wheel is a significant asset when you’re managing drivers day in, and day out. He knows our drivers because he’s been one and that only makes him a better team player. 

Keith later served as a dispatcher and an operations manager across the country

With this many trucks, organization and experience is non-negotiable. Keith has it covered!

He continued working for FedEx for decades, demonstrating the consistency, growth mindset, and experience that a position like this one requires. He’s already managed on-road issues, last-minute route restructuring, employee training, scheduling, corporate initiative implementation, navigation between multiple departments, and countless other tasks that are necessary to the smooth operation of a business like BYX. Finding a more qualified dispatch manager than Keith would be a tall order! 

He’s trained in just about every area of logistics that counts

Over the course of two decades, he trained as a dispatcher, customer service expert, operations manager, and dispatch manager. His dedication to ongoing growth and continuing education exemplifies the qualities we look for in our team members. We’re always trying to stay on top of industry trends to offer our customers the best possible service. As technology and times change, we need a dispatch manager that’s flexible and willing to grow– Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

Our new dispatch manager is a winner, in a literal sense

Awards aren’t everything, but they don’t hurt! Keith’s department won the award for pickup reliability three years running, and they couldn’t have done it without his leadership. Reliability is one of our core principles, and we’re confident his leadership will be an asset to our team’s already great track record. 

The biggest reason we hired him? His values align with ours

Having the qualifications and experience to confidently take on a dispatch manager position was an obvious priority. Finding someone with a history of leadership, helping employees and peers to achieve personal and corporate goals, and creating a productive, supportive environment was a blessing. The BYX team takes our mission statement seriously, and we’re happy to have a new dispatch manager who gets it. Welcome to the team, Keith! We’re happy to have you.

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