Mobile Apps Proving Useful in Trucking Industry


There is no denying that technology is becoming a big part of the trucking industry. More and more trucking companies in California are finding it beneficial to integrate new technology into their business practices, including hand-held devices. But the technology doesn’t stop there. Truck drivers are also finding that mobile devices can be a useful tool while they’re out on the road.

A recent survey by uShip polled 6,000 active truckers of their site to determine how drivers use their mobile devices for business purposes while they’re out on the road. The survey found that truck drivers heavily rely on their mobile devices. The results include the following:

• 57% use their phone more for daily business than they did last year
• 35% have phones that are older than 2 years
• 23% plan to purchase a tablet computer over the coming year
• 20% don’t bring a laptop on the road anymore

The survey also found that over half the truck drivers use their phones to send emails and 45% use them for internet use. Also, the survey found that approximately one in four drivers uses mobile apps. Apps that are specifically designed for the trucking industry are becoming more common. Drivers are learning that mobile apps can help them while they’re out on the road. For example, a driver of a Los Angeles trucking company has the ability to navigate the busy Southern California freeways, avoiding traffic and accidents, while he’s in his vehicle, all thanks to a mobile app on his phone.

While there are many apps out there, the following are a few top apps that truck drivers are finding useful.

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