14 Jobs in the Trucking Industry Other Than Driving

Jobs in the trucking industry

When most people think of jobs in the trucking industry, truck driving is the only one that comes to mind. There are over a dozen other jobs in logistics, however, that do not require a commercial driver’s license. Many of them don’t require applicants to step behind the wheel at all! If you’re curious about career options, keep reading for an overview of some of the most common trucking industry jobs below. 

Note: The salary ranges are sourced from Indeed.com based on national averages. It’s safe to assume they’re higher in areas where the cost of living is higher, like right here in Los Angeles. The most lucrative ones are saved for last!

1. Billing Clerk

Average salary: $21,879 per year

Main duties: Billing clerks are in charge of, well, billing! They process paperwork and invoices, and most of their work is conducted online. Some remote positions may be available since online data entry is a big part of the job. They may need to interact with customers via email or phone, however, so people skills are a big help.

2. Warehouse Specialist

Average salary: $37,628 per year

Main duties: You might not guess it from the title, but a warehouse specialist loads and unloads trucks. They’ll need experience operating a forklift, and training may be part of the job. A commercial driver’s license, or CDL, isn’t required to be a warehouse specialist.

3. Warehouse Lead

Average salary: $38,238 per year

Main duties: A warehouse lead’s main role is to supervise warehouse staff. They take charge of warehouse operations, making sure trucks leave on time and that all loads are correct. They also keep an eye on safety protocols and proper waste management. Without them, not much would get done, but no driving is required.

4. Supervisor/Dispatcher

Average salary: $47,888 per year

Main duties: Someone needs to help schedule shipments and direct drivers, and that duty falls to dispatchers. They’re in charge of scheduling drivers, evaluating performance, and shipment tracking. They’re also the ones who handle training new drivers to make sure they understand company policies and procedures. Communication is a big part of the trucking industry. Dispatchers coordinate between drivers and warehouses to keep track of the departure and arrival schedule and update warehouse leads as needed.

5. Recruiter

Average salary: $49,967 per year

Main duties: If a hands-off trucking industry job is more your style, recruiting may be a better fit. Recruiters match drivers with relevant skills and certifications to the right driving positions. Some of them form partnerships with driving schools to help drivers find work right after they complete their education.

6. Security Officer

Average salary: $49,984 per year

Main duties: The cargo stored in warehouses can be extremely valuable, so a security officer is needed to make sure only authorized personnel has access to it. They work with HR to perform background checks on new hires, look into any missing warehouse content, and work with law enforcement to address any security problems or thefts. 

Jobs in the trucking industry

7. Safety Compliance Officer

Average salary: $51,479 per year

Main duties: Not only are warehouse items valuable, but they’re also heavy. To ensure no one is harmed on the job, safety compliance officers enforce company and state safety policies. This includes keeping track of driver hours to make sure no one is on the road without sufficient rest, checking licensing and certifications, and double-checking that all vehicles are safe for duty.

8. Truck Driver Trainer

Average salary: $52,242 per year

Main duties: Truck driver trainers don’t work with trucking companies, but for CDL training schools. Their job is just like that of any other driving, only they need a CDL license. In addition to teaching students how to drive a large truck safely, they teach how to load and unload the truck and how to use a compression brake correctly. If you don’t like working with people, keep scrolling.

9. Truck Mechanic

Average salary: $54,385 per year

Main duties: To become a truck mechanic, an ordinary mechanic needs to get a special certification to work with diesel engines. There are different types of certifications, but getting regular mechanic training is a good place to start.

10. Inbound Service Technician

Average salary: $57,029 per year

Main duties: After truck drivers return, someone needs to handle refueling, brake and tire examinations, and other steps that prepare the truck to hit the road again. These duties fall on the inbound service tech. Attention to detail is crucial in this position, or driver safety may be at risk.

11. Operations Manager

Average salary: $63,498 per year

Main duties: The operations manager is a sort of jack of all trades. They keep track of shipment status, provide updates to customers, and bridge the gap between different departments of the company. They also appraise drivers of the latest state and federal trucking laws to ensure drivers follow best practices at all times.

12. Human Resources Manager

Average salary: $69,962 per year

Main duties: If you like the idea of making a visit from HR a nicer experience, and you love working with people, this is a great job in the trucking industry that pays well and doesn’t require driving. Human resource managers help hire new staff members, sort out employee benefit issues, address employee concerns, and make sure federal policies are followed. If you’re a really cool HR manager, you’ll also plan team building events, like annual parties or work retreats, to help foster a healthy work culture.

13. Revenue Administrator

Average salary: $76,599 per year

Main duties: Revenue admins work closely with customers. They need to be patient and positive, handling complaints about billing issues and addressing outstanding invoices. The goal of a revenue admin is to help avoid litigation by smoothing over problems. They’re a big part of the customer service experience. If cargo gets damaged and a customer isn’t happy, the revenue administrator uses their charm and expertise to make everyone happy.

14. Software developer

Average salary: $114,336 per year

Main duties: Software developers are the “IT guys” of the trucking industry. This trucking industry job centers around maintaining tech systems and offering technical support to drivers and other employees. Software is used for everything from billing and shipment scheduling to equipment maintenance, so software developers can easily stay busy working solely in the trucking industry.

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