Health Tips for Truckers

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Best Yet Express cares deeply about the health and safety of our truck drivers and other workers. This blog post will address some of the common health issues faced by truckers and some helpful tips that may help address these problems.

The most common health issues for truckers are diabetes, sleep apnea, high blood pressure and heart disease. Unfortunately, obesity is a risk factor in all four. According to a 2007 study in The Journal of the American Dietetic Association, 86% of the estimated 3.2 million truck drivers in the U.S. are overweight or obese. What makes these numbers so high?

Truckers, like those in other types of jobs, spend a great deal of time sitting. This can be tough on the body. But truckers also face their own unique challenges. They’re constantly on the go, which makes it so easy to give in to unhealthy, but tasty, meals at a rest stop or restaurant. This also makes it tough to find the time and place to exercise.

Many truckers, like many other people, probably think they don’t have time to waste on an exercising. After all, that TL or LTL freight has to get to a certain place by a certain time. Sometimes taking small, simple steps is the best way to get started. Get up just a few minutes early and do some stretches or go for a quick walk. It might seem useless at first, but it’s important to get your body moving.

Eating healthy meals is also challenging. Why is it that the unhealthy options are quick, easy and taste better? We’re not sure either, but it’s important to fight the temptation whenever you can. Preparing and bringing your own food is helpful. This allows you to be aware of everything that’s in your food. Grabbing healthy snacks before getting behind the wheel will help lessen the urge to grab something unhealthy when you’re out and about. All of this is probably easier for those who do freight shipping in Los Angeles or other places that focus on local, city driving. It’s more difficult for long haul drivers to maintain a healthy diet while on the road. But with a little planning, it can be done.

It’s important not to forget about your mental health. Many truckers spend a lot of there time in isolation. This may sound appealing for many people, but it can be a little tough for some truckers, especially long haul drivers. Luckily, modern social media sites like Twitter and Facebook make it easier to stay connected with friends and family. Skype can also help those who are away from their loved ones for longer periods of time. It’s also important to spend any down time doing things that you enjoy doing and make you happy.

Finding the time and motivation to eat healthier and exercise presents its challenges. But don’t get so focused on moving that TL or LTL freight that you forget to take care of yourself. Consider incorporating healthier eating habits and exercise practices into your life. Your body will thank you.

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