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We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again; at BYX, we’re a family. Over 40 years ago, our freight company was built on family values. Dedication to serving our community is part of our DNA. This December, we were thrilled to be featured by Shoutout LA. In an exclusive interview, BYX owner Jay Newjahr shared the secrets to his success. 

Jay’s Take #1: Risk-taking and entrepreneurship are intrinsically linked. 

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could meet your business goals without taking even the slightest risk? Sadly, risk-taking is part of the game. The willingness to take risks is what sets dreamers apart from doers. Taking risks was always part of the business, but Jay’s approach has evolved with experience.

“In my earlier years, I was more apt to take larger risks without as much thought to the possibility of failure. As I’ve gotten older, I still take risks often, but they are more well thought out. Even the smaller risks can yield important successes. I believe it’s important to challenge the norms and push the envelope.”

As daunting as risk-taking may be, getting comfortable with risk is critical to long-term growth. If it still feels intimidating, try looking at it differently. Instead of an obstacle, view risk as a motivating challenge.

Jay’s Take #2: Take it from a freight company and plan ahead. 

The smaller your company is, the more important it is to take calculated risks. At the same time, risks are scarier when you’re just starting out. To help alleviate risk-taking worries, prepare yourself for failure. 

“If the risk isn’t going as planned, I’ve always got a plan B and plan C. Even when I have failed, the experience has been important in informing the thought process for the next one.”

Jay’s Take #3: Resilience isn’t optional. 

Being successful in business means rolling with the punches. The game is always changing. Over the last four decades, BYX has evolved drastically; we started out with a single pickup truck, and we now operate out of two massive warehouses! That didn’t happen by accident, and it didn’t happen without bumps in the road. Without resilience, BYX might have never left the Newjahr’s garage.

“Especially in a highly saturate and competitive market, only the most resilient and committed survive. Along the way, I’ve learned that no matter the challenges, as long as you just keep going and don’t give up on the commitment to your success you will find a way through.”

Jay’s Take #4: Enthusiasm and encouragement are key. 

Being an entrepreneur is a tough gig. Entrepreneurs wear many hats, and they need to rock all of them! We’re talking about people skills, business savvy, time management, and grit, just to name a few. You can’t juggle all of that if you don’t believe in your own success. For Jay, optimism made a huge difference in keeping setbacks in perspective. 

“I tend to assume the win and focus my sights on that instead of questioning the risk and overwhelming myself with the what-ifs. The team calls me “the encourager” and I love that title. If I can encourage someone else to take the chance to do more, that’s what I’ll do.”

Jay’s Final Take: Whether you own a freight company or a retail store, don’t forget about gratitude. 

While Jay and his father both invested their own blood, sweat, and tears into their growing freight company, there’s no such thing as a selfmade man. The success of BYX was a team effort, starting with family. After Jay bought the business from his dad, his wife Lara was his greatest supporter. Nine years ago she officially joined the team, and today she holds the title of President. 

According to Jay, “She grounds me and makes me think about things from many different angels. She balances me with her more thoughtful and analytical approach. She’s always there by my side hustling and working hard for our success, and I couldn’t do any of it without her.”

As the leaders of BYX, Jay and Lara made it their goal to extend that “family feel” to every member of the BYX team. After decades of success, they must be onto something! 

For more insider tips, plus a list of Jay’s favorite South Bay spots, read the full interview here.

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