Better Fuel Efficiency with Simple Changes to Driving Habits

BYX Fleet

It seems like fuel prices are always on the minds of those in the trucking industry and with good reason. The price of diesel is currently high and fuel prices always seem to be in a state of fluctuation. While individual trucking companies and drivers don’t have control over fuel prices, there are simple things drivers can do to achieve better fuel efficiency in their trucks.

Limit idling. Excessive idling wastes fuel and contributes to pollution. Companies and drivers should find ways to limit the amount of time a truck spends idling. This can be a challenge for those who do freight shipping in Los Angeles and its surrounding areas, but careful planning can make it happen.

Planned Routes. This recommendation piggybacks onto the concept of limiting idling times. Careful planning of a route may lessen the time a truck has to spend in traffic and may actually shorten travel times.

Smooth starts and stops. Hard braking and accelerating wastes fuel. Taking the time to start and stop in a smooth manner lessens this lose and also helps with driver safety, which is definitely a big bonus.

Hard turns. These type of turns put extra strain on the truck and waste fuel. Careful planning when coming up to a turn and making the turn in a slower fashion will help save fuel.

Maintaining constant speed. Again, this might be a challenge if you’re a freight company in Los Angeles, but with careful planning, it can be done one at some level. Heavy congestion and accidents should be avoided so that drivers can keep their trucks rolling.

Some of these practices may seem like common sense, but it’s amazing how often these practices are overlooked. They’re definitely important to those of us who do freight shipping in Los Angeles.

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