Top Ways Of Recruiting The Ideal Truck Driver

If you work in the trucking industry you know that a major obstacle, if not the most difficult obstacle today, is driver recruiting and the obvious driver shortage. They say that the shortage is, in part, due to the large number of truck drivers retiring from the industry as well as a smaller number of individuals from the new generation who are willing to take on the truck driving profession. The slow increase in driver pay over recent decades and the physical demand play major roles in less drivers entering the market.

Though it is obvious that finding a pool of properly trained and qualified truck drivers to meet the needs of your fleet will present some unique challenges, there are a few strategies you can employ to ensure that you always have a pool of ideal candidates to choose from.

Make the Job Appealing

Currently, truck drivers have become more selective about the kind of trucking firms and jobs they apply to. As such, trucking companies need to transform the recruitment process to pull the rug out from under their competitors. This entails sweetening the deal by offering potential applicants benefits that will make them think twice about going over to other firms. Some of these benefits include

  • Offering competitive incentives and benefit packages
  • Provision of proper training
  • Pay-per-mile schemes at competitive rates (when applicable)
  • Fostering of familial culture among personnel and management
  • Desirable working hours

Traditional Advertising Methods

Modern methods of recruitment such as the use of social media and online advertisements to recruit truck drivers are all well and good; however, it is recommended that trucking firms still continue the use of traditional methods of recruitment. This includes word of mouth, the use of advertising banners, and posting of signboards in various conspicuous places. There are lots of qualified and experienced truck drivers who prefer the traditional methods of applying for jobs and it is in your best interest to grant them the opportunity of sending in their application through methods that are familiar to them.


Recruiters who sugarcoat the job and communicate unrealistic compensation packages to potential hires are only hurting themselves. Sooner or later, the new hires will become disgruntled and leave, sending the company back to square one. Such displeased former employees usually spread the word to other drivers who may begin to shy away from your firm, thus reducing the potential pool of applicants. It is never a good idea to sugarcoat the job or deliberately mislead new and potential hires about the nature of the job. It is best to be upfront with applicants about the demands and rigors of the job they are applying for. If they are an experienced driver, they already know what the job entails and if you aren’t forthcoming you stand to tarnish the relationship from the


Improve Driver Retention

Statistics show a 97 percent annual driver turnover rate for the trucking sector, meaning that despite paying drivers higher wages, most large U.S. trucking firms struggle to keep their drivers behind the wheel. Although attractive salaries and benefits are good ways of recruiting and retaining drivers, there are other things which matter more. Some of these things include the nature of the working environment, overall enjoyment of the job, and the number of times they get to go home. Optimizing these areas will help ensure a low driver turnover rate, allowing you to keep the drivers you hire.






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