Pros and Cons of Trailer Advertising


Successful marketing is an important key to running and maintaining a successful business. Many trucking companies in California have chosen to use trailer advertising as one way to spread the word about their company and brand. But just like every other type of marketing, trailer advertising has its pros and cons.

Some of the Pros

Many consider trailer advertising to be some of the best marketing you can do. There is nothing quite like a bright, beautiful logo on the side of a truck. Words, slogans and/or pictures may also accompany a logo. It’s like a marketing campaign on wheels. The logos are seen by a large volume of people, especially in places like California, with its big city streets and numerous highways. People can potentially see your logo everywhere. Trailer advertising killing two birds with one stone. Trucks are able to provide TL or LTL trucking services while also advertising at the same time.


Some of the Cons

It is possible that trailer advertising can be considered a liability. Big, bold logos on a truck are highly visible and memorable. It’s not out of the question for another driver to get into an accident and claim that he or she was distracted by the logo on a truck. Even if an accident happens within the blink of an eye, and even if the truck is not involved, a big truck logo may stick in a person’s mind. Trailer advertising may also give off the impression that your company has “deep pockets.” People may think you’ve got big bucks if you’re able to afford a big, shiny logo on the side of your trucks. Because of this, people may be more willing to sue you for an accident, believing the end result will be a nice sum of money.


As with everything else, trailer advertising has its pros and cons. Many trucking companies in California believe in trailer advertising to be an effective piece of their marketing strategy, despite any potential cons.

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