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Benefits of Lean Management Practices

Previously, lean management practices were core characteristics of the production process in most manufacturing companies; however, that has begun to change. Lean is extending its reach and being applied to other industries well beyond manufacturing. When applied properly, lean management practices can improve efficiency and reduce waste in the logistics and transportation industry. This would […]

Ways to Keep the Weight of Your Truck within Limits

An overweighed truck is one of the common issues that plague truckers from time to time. Truck drivers who are caught with overweighed trucks on the highway are subjected to fees, heavy fines, and penalties. As such, it is essential that you always keep the weight of your truck in check to avoid being on […]

Introducing TransDigital

  Jay Newjahr, BYX owner and CEO and tech lover, began searching for a product to take his drivers day completely paperless 3 years ago. Disheartened by what he found on the market and with a clear vision of what he wanted and needed he began developing his own solution. This solution today is called […]

U.S. LTL Market Expected to See Significant Growth

Those in the industry know the United States Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) market is experiencing major growth. As the economy continues to improve and stimulate growth across multiple manufacturing sectors, in turn, there is an increase in demand for LTL shipments. According to David Ross, LTL analyst for Stifel (SF), better times lie ahead in LTL thanks […]

California Carrier Builds Own ELD

Jay Newjahr (owner and CEO) has been working on the development of a software for the past 18 months that is not only EDL compliant but takes our entire operation paperless. It’s been an incredibly exciting advancement for us. We’re looking forward to making our software available to the public in the very near future […]

Meet Jay Newjahr of Best Yet Express

We were over the moon when we learned that Voyage LA Magazine was interested in interviewing Jay for a piece they were writing on inspiring stories. This article provides a unique glimpse into the career, struggles and company details never before publicly shared through the eyes of Jay. We hope you enjoy learning more about us […]