5 Simple Steps to Enthusiastic Employees

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Between COVID-19 and wildfires, 2020 has thrown up plenty of roadblocks. This is especially true for business owners and their employees. For local freight companies like us, work has been busier than ever, but in many other industries, that’s sadly not the case. 

When work is slow or sporadic, even the most productive team can become sluggish and stressed. Fortunately, business owners can help! Keep reading to learn five easy ways to elevate, engage, and excite your employees. (Even in 2020!)

1. Show Gratitude

Everyone thrives off appreciation, and your employees are no exception. Team meetings are a good start, but teams are made up of individuals. By acknowledging the skills and contributions of each team member, you’re telling them, “Hey! You’re not just a chess piece to me. You’re important to this company and I’m glad you’re here.”

The more your team members feel valued, the more value they’ll add!

2. Reward Outstanding Effort

When an employee goes above and beyond, don’t overlook it. Publicly acknowledge those who go the extra mile for your business, and share small gifts and bonuses when you can. This is usually reserved for the holidays, but small monthly shoutouts are helpful too.

3. Create a Positive Work Environment

No one likes working for a company that treats them poorly. Be considerate, be respectful, and be fair, and make sure your employees follow suit. Small touches like offering morning coffee, a weekly donut run, or a long lunch on Friday can go a long way. 

4. Learn from Local Freight Companies and Become a Team

Local freight companies in Los Angeles are like those in any other big city across the country: We only work when we work as a team. From handling urgent deliveries and weather delays to sick employees, we have each other’s backs. In addition to regular team meetings, encourage open communication, and offer team rewards for meeting company goals.

5. Lead By Example

What employee gets excited about work when their boss isn’t? The best way to get your team excited is to get fired up yourself. Slow periods aren’t the time to take it easy! Remember why you started your company and show your employees what excellence looks like. Have confidence in your team. Odds are, they’ll rise to your expectations. 

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