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8 Tips for Staying Safe off the Road

Staying safe on the road is extremely important. After all, you’re driving an 80,000-pound hunk of metal, rubber and flammable materials.

However, whether due to exhaustion or in an effort to save time, many truck drivers ignore basic job safety when they’re off the road. Unfortunately, an 86-year-old Kansas trucker learned this the hard way when, as he opened his trailer doors, he was struck, dragged and killed by a tractor trailer at a Georgia distribution center. The other driver didn’t even know he hit him, suggesting he wasn’t as alert as he should have been. Read more


4 Winter Safety Tips for Long-Haul Truckers

As a long-haul trucker, you’ll encounter plenty of inclement winter weather over the next few months. Cold temperatures and frozen precipitation not only make for an uncomfortable ride, but a potentially dangerous one. After all, one patch of black ice can turn an otherwise uneventful trip into a nightmare. Fortunately, a little preparation and awareness can go a long way to keeping you safe from Old Man Winter. Here are a few safety tips to keep in mind on your next haul. Read more