The Future of Alternative Fuels in Trucking is Closer than you Think

Admit it. You’ve driven behind a big rig and wondered how many years you were about to lose off your life. It was poorly maintained and emitted a brown cloud large enough to cover the entire roadway. Alright, most don’t pollute that much, but diesel still isn’t the cleanest fuel around.

However, alternative fuels have progressed rapidly in recent years and may one-day make diesel obsolete.  And, that future may be closer than you think. Here’s why. Read more

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New Air Quality Rules in California: What you need to Know

Are you aware of the new air quality rules in California? If not, this is something you want to pay close attention to in the months and years to come.

The state of California is serious about this, and it is impacting a variety of industries.

At Best Yet Express, we take great pride in caring for each and every customer. At the same time, we care just as much about the environment. For this reason, we expect our entire fleet of vehicles to be fully compliant with new laws by the end of 2013. Read more