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Beware of “Chameleon Carriers”

Recently, the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) released an audit showing that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) isn’t doing enough to keep “chameleon carriers” off the roads. Chameleon companies are those that simply change their names, but their vehicles and drivers stay the same. While this isn’t always a problem, a big issue develops when companies get into trouble, shut down, change their name, submit a new carrier application and are allowed to get back on the road almost immediately. Read more

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Better Fuel Efficiency with Simple Changes to Driving Habits

It seems like fuel prices are always on the minds of those in the trucking industry and with good reason. The price of diesel is currently high and fuel prices always seem to be in a state of fluctuation. While individual trucking companies and drivers don’t have control over fuel prices, there are simple things drivers can do to achieve better fuel efficiency in their trucks.

Limit idling. Excessive idling wastes fuel and contributes to pollution. Companies and drivers should find ways to limit the amount of time a truck spends idling. This can be a challenge for those who do freight shipping in Los Angeles and its surrounding areas, but careful planning can make it happen. Read more

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CARB Pleased with its “Gear Up for Clean Truck Month” Campaign

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) recently dubbed its “Gear Up for Clean Truck Month” a “success.” The campaign was a month-long campaign that took place this past August. During the campaign, CARB audited numerous diesel trucks and issued fleet citations in an effort to assure that trucks were complying with the sates’ air pollution laws. These highly visible events, held throughout the state, also showed the public that the agency is serious about enforcing its pollution regulations. The agency was basically saying that if you’re a California trucking company, you better play by the rules. Read more

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ATA Challenges Belief That 30-40% of Accidents Caused by Truck Driver Fatigue

Earlier this month, the American Trucking Associations (ATA) released a white paper hoping to set the record straight on driver fatigue and the role it plays in large truck crashes. A common belief is that 30-40% of all truck crashes are caused by driver fatigue. This is definitely important to trucking companies in California and beyond, since it’s part of the ongoing debate about establishing national truck safety priorities and acceptable Federal hours of service limits. In its paper, the ATA argued that the 30-40% isn’t accurate. Read more


New Smart-Phone App Helps Assess Driver Performance

The use of smart-phone apps is on the rise in the trucking industry. More and more apps are even being created specifically for the industry itself. GreenRoad has recently introduced another app that could prove beneficial to the industry. The company recently introduced a smart-phone-based app for Android devices called “Asimov.” GreenRoad claims that the app will efficiently assess driver performance for trucking fleets. The app measures risky or inefficient driving by looking at 5 things: acceleration, braking, cornering, speeding and lane handling. This could be beneficial to companies involved in freight shipping in Los Angeles. TL and LTL shipping practices may be conducted safer and more efficiently. Read more

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New Federal Law Helps Military Members Get CDL Licenses

A new federal law was enacted just in time for Veterans’ Day that will help both veterans and the trucking industry. Earlier in October, President Barack Obama signed the Military Commercial Drivers’ License Act of 2012. This law will make it easier for veterans and service members to obtain Commercial Drivers’ Licenses and will help make them more employable when they return to civilian life. The new law will also assist a Los Angeles trucking company like Best Yet Express, who is looking for able drivers. Read more

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Truckers Are Taking a Stand Against Traffic

Truck drivers aren’t exactly fans of traffic. It wastes time and causes way more stress than it should. There’s definitely nothing fun and exciting about sitting in bumper to bumper traffic. But it seems like the trucking industry is beginning to focus on another type of traffic issue: human trafficking. You may now be thinking to yourself ‘What in the world can truckers do about human trafficking?’ It turns out that truckers can play an important role. Read more

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Best Yet Express Knows “Trucks Bring It”

It would be impossible not only for California trucking companies, but all companies across the country, to be successful without truck drivers. The American Trucking Association (ATA) recognized this fact and celebrated the week of September 16th-22nd as Truck Driving Appreciation Week. It’s the perfect time to pay tribute to the hard work and commitment of over the 3.1 million truckers in this county who keep things goods and products in this county moving. Read more