Vitamin and Bottled Waters

Trucks Color CordsBest Yet Express knows that there are other California trucking companies who claim to have great warehousing services, but our services are truly unmatched. We have learned a great deal about the warehousing of goods in our 30 plus years of experience and know how to provide a safe and high quality environment for all goods, including vitamin and bottled water.

Our company is well aware of the fact that it’s usually cheaper for items like vitamin and bottled water to be bought in bulk. The issue then becomes the storing of those items until they are actually needed. This is the point where customers turn to us. Our warehousing services offer customers great flexibility. Customers can store their items with us for any period of time. We do not have terms or contract requirements dictating a minimum storage time requirement. Customers may store items in our warehouse anywhere from 1 week to even years. Our customers are allowed to come and go as they please. Whenever the items are needed, customers contact us and we pull the items right away. It’s that simple.

Another way Best Yet Express rises above other warehousing and trucking companies in Los Angeles is through our commitment to quality control. Your vitamin and bottled water items will be handled and stored in our warehouse with the utmost of care. Our warehouse provides an environment free from rodents and potential contamination issues. We will make sure that your vitamin and bottled water bottles will be kept away from things like chemicals stored in our warehouse. These chemicals won’t come near your products. The quality of your items will be maintained. We have also implemented high security measures so that you can rest easy in knowing that your items will be safe and there when you need them.

When exploring California trucking companies, look no further than Best Yet Express. We provide high quality warehousing services and offer our customers a great amount of flexibility. This is just one way we are dedicated to our customers. Please contact us today for more information on our warehousing services or to get started. We look forward to speaking with you and to meeting your warehousing needs.

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