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Trucks Profile HomepageBest Yet Express Incorporated (BYX) is a Southern California trucking company, providing reliable local freight transportation services to Los Angeles and surrounding areas since 1978. The core of our business is freight shipping in Los Angeles and beyond. We promptly distribute Truck Loads (TL) and Less than Truck Load (LTL) goods to Los Angeles County, the greater Los Angeles area, Orange County and the Inland Empire. We also offer all necessary related services like pickup, delivery, cross-docking and storage.

If you’re new to freight shipping or need a refresher on the terminology, then here’s a review of how our services work. The trucking industry is divided into several segments, depending on the size of the cargo and distance traveled. At the high end is TL (Truck Load or Trailer Load), for large shipments transported over long distances. LTL (Less than Truck/Trailer Load) covers the middle range, for shipments that are greater than 150 pounds but not large enough to fill an entire truck, and are thus consolidated with other small- to mid-size shipments. These are the two segments covered by BYX; the final one is small packages handled by parcel carriers. TL freight typically travels from supplier directly to buyer, whereas LTL shipments are transmitted through terminals or distribution centers.

Best Yet Express ships both TL and LTL freight by utilizing a fleet of 26′ bobtails and 53′ trucks originating out of our Los Angeles warehouse and docking center. With combined TL and LTL capabilities, we are able to serve a diverse range of customers selling a variety of goods requiring different kinds of shipping procedures.

Serving so many kinds of clients requires a flexible approach and various kinds of shipping equipment, and that’s how we’ve built our business. We offer unique and innovative services with our fleet of 53 foot trailers and Straight Trucks with lift gates.

Other important aspects of our fleet and services include:

  • Truckloads & Less than Truckloads
  • 53’ Air Ride Swing Door Trucks
  • 26’ Bobtails with Liftgates
  • GPS Computerized Inventory and Location Control
  • Same Day Pick-up and Delivery
  • Short/Long Term Warehousing
  • Import/Export/Air Pickup and Deliveries
  • Dock Consolidations
  • Dedicated Drivers
  • Uniformed Drivers
  • Weekend Service is available with advance notice

Whether you’re a new customer or a longtime partner, you’ll find it’s no secret why Best Yet Express is a leading California trucking company: we always provide local freight trucking and related services with consistency, promptness, and professionalism, for over 30 years and counting. Contact us to find out how we can help you!

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