California Carrier Builds Own ELD

Jay Newjahr (owner and CEO) has been working on the development of a software for the past 18 months that is not only EDL compliant but takes our entire operation paperless. It’s been an incredibly exciting advancement for us. We’re looking forward to making our software available to the public in the very near future and we are honored to have this piece written about it in Trucking Info Magazine. Click here to read the entire article.

Meet Jay Newjahr of Best Yet Express

We were over the moon when we learned that Voyage LA Magazine was interested in interviewing Jay for a piece they were writing on inspiring stories. This article provides a unique glimpse into the career, struggles and company details never before publicly shared through the eyes of Jay. We hope you enjoy learning more about us and where we came from in this raw interview.

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4 Frequently Asked Questions About Electronic Logging Devices Explained

In December 2015, the
Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration published the electronic logging device (ELD) rule, arguably the biggest regulatory initiative to affect the trucking industry. It’s a sweeping mandate that applies to more than 3 million drivers, which is exactly why it’s important for those in the truck industry to understand the real facts about the ELD rule.
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Understanding Detention Fees and Why They’re Necessary

Ah, detention fees. They’re one of the least understood service charges and also one of the most notorious when it comes to customer complaints. Yet for trucking companies, detention fees are an unfortunate necessity for keeping business moving.

In fact, any fees collected from detention time often won’t even make a dent on the potential losses from getting held up at the dock. But what are detention fees, and how do they work? Read more

Re-Branding Underway as Best Yet Express Restructures to Better Meet the Ever-Changing Needs of the Freight Industry

Best Yet Express Incorporated, a family-run, California-based leader in the TL and LTL trucking industry, recently announced several changes within the company, including corporate restructuring and the launch of an aggressive new marketing campaign that includes a revamped website and an informative industry blog, appropriately titled “The Fleet.”

“During the company’s 30-plus year history, our customers – who range from small family-owned businesses to Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 companies – have always been our number 1 priority,” said Jay Newjahr, the company’s CEO. “To better serve them, we felt it necessary to restructure internally so that we are more agile, nimble and responsive to their ever-changing needs.” Read the entire press release here.


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3 Factors to Consider When Building Your Logistics Company’s Marketing Plan

Logistics companies play a critical role in the global economy, making possible the task of shipping and transporting goods from one point to the other, usually from the manufacturing or delivery site, to the customer or distributor.

While it may seem that this critical function makes logistics companies indispensable, the truth is that the industry is concentrated with several firms, each one competing for a slice of the pie. As such, marketing is still very much a necessity to ensure your survival.
When developing a marketing strategy for your logistics company, here are a few essential elements to consider. Read more

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What You REALLY Need to Know about Long Haul vs Short Haul Trucking

The freight transportation industry plays an important role in the supply chain of a business. If you need merchandise or materials delivered, a reliable trucking service is essential. Whether it is short or long haul freight transportation, a good trucking service will transport your goods in a safe & timely manner, without compromising the integrity of your cargo.

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Rating Process

One of the most commonly asked questions we get here at Best Yet Express has to do with how we calculate our rates. It’s actually quite easy. Just watch!


4 Basic Steps for Starting Your Very Own Successful Trucking Company

In many ways, the trucking industry serves as the backbone of America, bridging the gap between customer and seller, and solving the problem of transporting goods en masse. The trucking industry plays such a critical role in the economy that a 2015 report by the American Trucking Associations (ATA) shows that trucking companies generated over $700 billion in revenue in 2014. The industry also employs 8.9 million people across different trucking-related jobs. Read more

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Compliance: DIY or Outsourced, Make It PAPERLESS

It’s no secret that the trucking industry plays a critical role in the economy and if it ever came to a standstill, the consequences would have a rippling effect that would cripple the nation.  In fact, trucking accounts for 80% of all freight transported annually in the United States.  The Department of Transportation found that in 2013 alone, there were over 1 million interstate motor carriers that moved over 9.7 billion tons of freight.  Because of its importance to the economy, coupled with the sheer size of the industry as a whole, it’s no surprise that regulations are strict. Read more